In the past six years, the beNeFit has raised over $25 million to end neurofibromatosis (NF). Together, thousands of amazing supporters have broken all fundraising records to advance research toward a cure for this devastating disorder. This extraordinary outpouring has provided hope to the 2.5 million kids and adults who battle this relentless beast every day.


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New to the beNeFit? Enjoy Dan and Jennifer’s recap below of the beNeFit VI!

Cobo Center Grand Ballroom, beNeFit VI, Detroit, 2018

This year was harder than most for our son Nick and our entire family. Nick battled the biggest challenges in his lifelong fight against the genetic disease, neurofibromatosis (NF). Two brain surgeries, six weeks of proton beam radiation therapy, and a now daily rehabilitation routine…

The good news is Nick is more determined than ever and well on his way to beating down this unfortunate round of complications. We are happy to report (and many of you saw first-hand at the beNeFit VI) that he has renewed strength and is getting stronger every day. He has even improved significantly since most of you saw him in November.

This past year was made easier by kind people like you and your overwhelming support; for that, we want to say THANK YOU!

Neil and Adam Pearson, Strength and Honor Award recipients, beNeFit VI, Detroit, 2018

At the beNeFit VI gala this year, you and 1,729 other folks, demonstrated your generous commitment by donating over $5 million to fight NF. The funds will be allocated towards NF Forward ( and the Children’s Tumor Foundation ( to fund critical research to advance a cure for this debilitating disorder. Because of you, we are one step closer to living in a world where NF does not exist.

Check out the short video recap of the November’s Gala HERE. We think you will find it worth a watch.

This year’s ‘Strength and Honor Award’ was presented to the Pearson twins from London, England, Neil and Adam.

We are glad that these young men made the journey across the pond to be with us to share their incredible story. While NF has affected each of them in significantly different ways, their positive outlook and perseverance is a model to live by. As Adam so eloquently expressed:

“NF is a real complex thing. It affects everyone differently, but also it brings people together. NF… no NF… appreciate each other and the moments you share, and with that kind of attitude, together, we can find a cure for NF.”

HERE is the full video that was played at the Gala about the identical twins’ remarkable lives (be sure to have a handkerchief ready).

We also had the opportunity to hear live from Cleveland Cavalier Kevin Love and our very own Nick Gilbert on how a positive attitude can be the difference when dealing with medical challenges. Together, Kevin, Nick, Neil and Adam inspired us with their moving stories and incredible courage, filling our evening with hope and optimism.

Once again, much gratitude for your generous support. We are always humbled by the turnout and results.

Mark your calendars for this year’s beNeFit VII, which is set to be held on Friday, November 15th, 2019, in downtown Detroit (that’s just where the action is, folks). We hope to see each and every one of you there to help catapult us even closer to a cure.

To a continued happy, healthy, inspirational, and productive 2019…

Jennifer, Dan, and the entire Gilbert family